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Why Did Trump Fire Tillerson Now?

Posted: Mar 14th, 2018 08:09

The specific timing of the move—following the secretary of state’s split from the president to condemn a Russian attack in the U.K.—raises questions about its motive.

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US Military Dominance Requires Better Command-and-Control Tools

Commanders need an AI-infused infrastructure to keep tabs on friendly and hostile forces, suggest actions, and help carry out orders.
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Neither Precise Nor Proportionate

Trump’s attack on Syria was unserious but intended to relieve emotional pressure—and in many ways, worse than doing nothing at all.
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A Trump Doctrine for the Middle East

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Trump's Syria Strategy Actually Makes Sense

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More nations should consider creating police-cum-military forces for hybrid stabilization missions.
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The Unconstitutional Strike on Syria

AUMF? The Syrian government is not Al Qaeda, nor an affiliate, nor a successor, nor anything except a sovereign nation against which the president has
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The Strike May Have Hurt More than It Helped

Far from instilling fear in Assad, it may merely have created a short-term munitions shortage.
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Pentagon Declares Strike Successful. Here’s A Look at What Went Into It

U.S., French, and British planes and ships used a wide variety of precision weapons to hit Syrian chemical weapons facilities. Some saw their first da
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Two Decades of War Have Eroded the Morale of America’s Troops

If the courage of young men and women in battle truly does depend on the nature and quality of our civic society, we should be very worried.
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Lawmakers Ask: Where’s the Broader Syria Strategy?

No surprise that Democrats questioned Friday’s retaliatory strike, but even a few GOP defense hawks wondered aloud.
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BREAKING: US, Allies Strike Syrian ‘Chemical Weapons Capabilities,’ Trump Says

The president said deterring the use of chemical weapons is "a vital national security interest” of the United States."
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US, Allies Strike Syrian ‘Chemical Weapons Capabilities,’ Trump Says

The president said that deterring the use of chemical weapons is "a vital national security interest” of the United States."
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China Just Conducted Its Biggest-Ever Display of Naval Power

It involved 48 warships, 76 aircraft, and more than 10,000 personnel in the South China Sea, plus an onboard speech by president Xi Jinping in militar
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